Is the reducer noisy? Mostly because of these four reasons!

Updated: 23-07-2019

The first reason is that the worm wheel of the reducer […]

The first reason is that the worm wheel of the reducer has been damaged or worn out, resulting in a large amount of wear and vibration between the worm wheels, which causes the reducer to have a lot of noise during operation, which is very large. To a certain extent, it affects the normal operation of the reducer, so it will generate a lot of noise.

The second reason is that the installation position of the reducer is not stable, or the ground where the reducer is located is not flat, causing the reducer to be shaken during the working process, resulting in noise and the like.

The third reason is because the internal machinery of the reducer has a fault. It should be known that the internal parts of the reducer are damaged or shorted, which will cause great noise to the reducer and even reduce the service life of the reducer. The fourth reason is the improper use of the reducer. The reducer is a precision instrument that requires professional technicians to operate. If there is improper operation, the excessive load or excessive speed of the reducer will generate great noise.

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