1.Installation Precautions


1.1The reducer must be mounted on a flat, sturdy base that must be tightened and shockproof.

1-2The prime mover--the reducer--the extension shafts of the working machine must be accurately aligned with each other after installation.

1-3The tolerances of the outer and outer diameters of the input end and the output end of the reducer are all made according to h6. The inner holes of the transmission parts such as couplings, pulleys and sprockets must be prepared according to the appropriate tolerances to avoid over-tightening of the bearing. Excessive assembly affects normal power transmission.

1.4When the transmission parts such as sprocket and gear are mounted on the shaft, they should be as close as possible to the bearing to reduce the bending stress of the shaft.

1.5 When assembling the motor of WPD type reducer, apply butter to the hole wall and keyway of the worm head to avoid over-tightening and prevent the shaft hole from being embroidered for a long time.

1.6When ordering all types of WPD reducers, if the weight of the motor is too large, support devices should be provided.



2.Precautions for use


2.1Before use, please pay attention to check whether the type structure of the reducer, the center distance specification, the transmission ratio, the input shaft connection mode, the output shaft structure, the input shaft output shaft axis direction and the rotation direction meet the requirements for use.

2.2Inject the appropriate grade of lubricant according to the requirements specified in the “Selection of Use of Lubricants” on the sample. After refueling, tighten the top ventilator and unplug the small taper on the ventilator before the reducer can start running. It is necessary to select a suitable grade of lubricating oil, and it is necessary to control the appropriate amount of fuel. It is necessary to change the oil in time according to the regulations. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to the replacement of new oil after 100 hours of first use.

2.3When an abnormal situation occurs during use, it should be stopped and inspected in time. Refer to the “Faults and Solutions” table for processing. (The oil temperature of the reducer is up to 95C. Under this temperature limit, as long as the oil temperature no longer rises, you can use it with confidence.。)


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