How to carry out the necessary daily inspection of the reducer?

Updated: 04-08-2016

First we need to check the bearings of the gear unit. T […]

First we need to check the bearings of the gear unit. The procedure is to first wash with heated mineral oil, and wash it until the inner race is gently rotated by hand, and no clamping phenomenon is found in any orientation. After the cleaning is finished, the feeler is checked by the feeler gauge. Secondly, we need to check the worm gear of the reducer. Make sure that there are no broken teeth in the worm gear. The tooth surface should not be cracked or peeled off. If any of the above phenomena occur, the worm gear or tooth surface must be replaced immediately.
In addition, it is the inspection of the reducer shaft. We must ensure that the ellipticity and taper on the shaft diameter cannot be greater than 0.015-0.025mm. The shaft fits the dimensional roughness of the shaft to meet the technical requirements of the drawing. When the tolerance is 0.02mm, it can be reused, 0.02mm. The above needs to be repaired before use, and the shaft width size can be reused for not exceeding the limit size of 0.04 mm. For those exceeding the limit size of 0.04mm, it should be replaced. Finally, the checker housing and the bearing cover are inspected. This is the easiest. I believe that friends who have used the reducer know that there is no more nonsense.

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